“A world class image begins in your parking lot.”

Proudly serving Westchester, Rockland, and Fairfield counties since 1994, Specializing in private home parties!

World Class Parking is an upscale, full-service parking management company. We are highly flexible and customize all contracts to work within your specific service and budget requirements.

We specialize in providing professional valet service to all sizes of private gatherings and parties. We also provide parking consulting services, traffic direction for major events, and more.

All of our valet drivers are properly trained and equipped in order to complete the job in the safest and most professional manner possible. This may include traffic cones, traffic wands, signage, locking key boxes, tickets, and radios. In addition, our drivers maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times.

For special events, we also offer drop-in video monitoring to qualifying locations! Please enquire.

Our insurance gives you peace of mind

World Class Parking maintains a multi-million dollar liability package, providing coverage to any personal injuries which may be sustained through the valet service. In addition, World Class Parking also carries Garage Keeper insurance which covers collision, theft, vandalism, and other damage or loss to vehicles.

We carry the most comprehensive insurance package in the parking industry. Therefore, loss or damage to any vehicle, no matter how extensive or valuable, will be covered.

Our Customers

We currently provide valet parking services to:
  • Graduation Parties
  • Wakes, Funerals and Memorials
  • Private Home Parties
  • Car Dealerships
  • Country Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Caterers
  • Museums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Houses of Worship
  • Co-ops and Condos
  • Restaurants
  • Special Events, and more…
What our customers say:
  • “World Class Parking has been instrumental to the smooth operation of our restaurant. All of the drivers are hard-working, punctual, careful, and polite. We receive nothing but compliments from customers about the valet service.”
    – Maria Rubiano, Manager, Gaucho Grill Argentinean Steakhouse
  • “Dear World Class Parking, thank you for helping to make the Hudson River Museum’s Gala, Flying Horses, an overwhelming success! We look forward to working with you next year.”
    – Allison Martin, Hudson River Museum
  • “World Class Parking has been exceptional in serving our student body and staff. The management team is very responsive and continually makes sure our needs are met. The valet attendants are professional and reliable – always adapting to new changes and working well under pressure.”
    – Erik Herrera, Manager of Facilities, The College of Westchester


Benefits of Valet Parking

Scenario 1:  A couple arrive at an event.  They see a few people walking into the entrance and slow down to look around for the parking lot.  They stop to ask someone who is able to point them in the right direction.  They navigate up and down the rows of the mostly full parking lot, finally finding an open spot – only to find that an inconsiderate person parked too close to the line.  The couple feels frustrated as they do not want to risk scratching or denting their luxury sedan.  They are able to park at the far end of the lot and after walking back are finally able to enter the event.

Scenario 2:  A couple arrive at an event.  They spot a large Valet Parking sign at the entrance and see formally-dressed attendants opening the doors of cars and handing out tickets.  The couple pull in, get out of their car, and smile at each other as they walk up the steps to the entrance.

Which scenario is more likely to have guests associating positive feelings to their experience?

There are numerous benefits that businesses or events will receive with the introduction of valet parking. Guests commonly remark how pampered they feel upon arrival at an establishment with valet parking, and associate an upscale, luxurious image to their experience. Additionally, it saves them the stress and frustration of navigating a parking lot hoping to find a safe spot for their car.  Guests will enter with the peace of mind that their car is well taken care of by attendants who are experienced and careful.

Your parking lot is safer from vandalism and theft when being watched over by valet attendants. Guests also feel safer when they receive their car in front of the establishment rather than walking around a dark parking lot by themselves.

Valet parking also allows business and events to increase the capacity of their parking lot. More cars will be able to fit in the existing space when handled by experienced attendants.  Attendants will also be able to optimize the traffic flow at large events using cones, wands, signs, and radios – ensuring guests will be able to get in and out with minimal frustration.


Contact Us

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